We all want to get back to doing what we do best. Connecting with and serving our customers and guests with warm, genuine hospitality and great food!

Our Approach

Getting back to business during and after the Covid19 Pandemic Crisis. 

Businesses will need to transition and transform the way they do business in this new environment and for the foreseeable future. Fullhouse Hospitality, brings creative solutions, sound strategy and up to the minute solutions to get you back in business, and on the path forward. You have worked hard to build your business and organization, to be knocked out of the game by this Pandemic. We would love the opportunity to discuss how we can be your partner on the road to recovery.  Please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

FullHouse Hospitality is a food and beverage consultancy to the hospitality industry. We take a collaborative approach to working with our clients. Our strategic relationships and partners span the hospitality industry in our five verticals of Restaurants, Hotels, Sports & Entertainment, Gourmet Specialty Food Retail and Mixed Use Commercial Real Estate. We bring knowledge, understanding and practical business solutions to ensure you and your business thrive.

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About FullHouse Hospitality

Founded in 2019 by Michael Tuohy, a 35+ year Food & Beverage professional and an experienced Executive Chef.

We are innovative out of the box hospitality food & beverage advisors that draw on our collective industry experience, authentic relationships, culinary vision, and creativity to provide holistic business solutions. We value community and collaboration thru connecting with passionate people that are always striving to improve and grow their business. We are socially conscious and believe in diversity and inclusivity. The hospitality business is, the People Business! Without people, you have no business. A strong positive culture is the cornerstone to a successful and profitable business. Sustainability is crucial to any business. In order to thrive, businesses of the today and the future, need to not only focus on the people equation but, the way they operate and product choices they use everyday. Seeking ways that reduce waste and protect natural resources for a better planet is not a "concept", it is a priority.

We help you develop and guide you through strategic planning, project management, culinary and beverage programming, design, branding & marketing, operations. Our collective experience include: Restaurants, Hotel F&B, Sports & Entertainment, Gourmet Specialty Food Retail, Rooftop Bars, Event Spaces and Food Halls. We will guide your project from idea to fruition.
We want to make sure that your business is firing on all cylinders. We take a 35,000 foot view of your plans and your business, then collaborate, ideate, create strategy and implement for desired outcomes. Our focus is your objective. Whether you are a Hotel or Resort looking to program or re-vamp your F&B Operations, Mixed Use Development looking for solutions, an existing or future Sports & Entertainment Venue or, a start-up restaurant with BIG ideas in need of business planning. We want to be your partner.

FullHouse Hospitality is based in Charleston, South Carolina. Our current and past projects have been across the US.

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Michael Tuohy


Angela Tassie

Branding Guru

Joseph Polito

Hotel Guru

Smith Hanes

Interior Design Guru

Charles Marvil

Strategic Advisor

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